Visit to Rodrigues

The Chief Commissioner was on an official visit to Rodrigues Island from 6 to 9 February.
The objective of the visit was mainly to share his vision to Rodrigues Scouts, to assess the needs of the RSC for a better support from the MSA and to encourage RSC to adhere to the new vision and objectives of the MSA.
The Chief Commissioner also had a fruitful working session with Miss Rose de Lima Edouard, the Commissioner for Youth & Community services of the RRA. Very good and positive negotiation was made. The outcome was: 
(i) a transport facility (Scooter) will be put at the disposal of the RSC 
(ii) possibility of a financial grant from the commission.
(iii) financial support the Rodrigues Commissioner to attend the NEC in Mauritius and for the participation of Scouts of Rodrigues in important international activities.
Jaywunt Tannoo also had working sessions with the Executive Committee, all GSLs, Parents council and visited severals groups.