Lower Plaines Wilhems - Black River


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Registered Scout Groups with the Mauritius Scouts Association for the Lower Plaines Wilhems / Black River Region

  •  1st LPW - N.D. de Lourdes RCA, Rose-Hill
  •  2nd LPW - Quatre Bornes (St. Andrews) 
  •  4th LPW - St Jean, Quatre Bornes 
  •  5th LPW - Ste. Anne, Stanley 
  •  6th LPW - Notre Dame, Mont Roches 
  •  7th LPW - St. Patrick 
  •  8th LPW - Sacre Coeur, Beau Bassin
  •  10th LPW - Notre Dame du Rosaire, Quatre-Bornes
  •  11th LPW - Municipal Center, Coromandel 
  •  15th LPW - Stanley, Rose-Hill
  •  19th LPW - St. Enfant Jésus RCA, R.Hill 
  •  23rd LPW - André Bazerque , Plaisance 
  •  24th LPW - Ste. Odile, Camp levieux 
  •  25th LPW - Ste. Brigitte, Palma 
  •  26th LPW - Mont Roches 
  •  27th LPW - Emmaus, Coromandel 
  •  28th LPW -  CKMS, Camp Le Vieux
  •  1st B-River - Pte. Rivière 
  •  2nd B-River - Bambous 
  •  3rd B-River - Augustin 
  •  4th B-River - Albion 
For contact details for the above mentioned groups, kindly contact our Head Quarters on Phone: 466-6771 or by email:
Note that the above mentioned list will be updated as and when required.