Milestones of the Mauritius Scout Association


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1912 A youth of 17 years, Samuel Blunt de Burgh Edwardes, and three of his friends started Scouting at Curepipe,
a town in the centre of the island.
1913 The first local Committee was formed having Sir Robert Chancellor - the Governor - as Patron and Chief Scout
1914 A Scout saved the life of a man. Scouts helped to fight a fire at Curepipe. The first World War broke out and Scouts helped to raise funds for the war.
1919 Outbreak of Spanish influenza, help from Scouts was greatly appreciated
1921 The Medal of Merit was awarded to de Burgh Edwardes who left for England to study Law. 
· Captain Fortescue Brickdale who had been Scoutmaster and Assistant District Commissioner in the East of London took over the Troop.
1922 The first Troop which took the name of the 1st Mauritius Troop, was sixty strong.
1932 Bob Schilling started the 2nd Mauritius Scout Troop, an open Christian troop, made up of boys from the franco-mauritian and British communities;
1936 Robert Margéot and Revd. Father Philippe Rivalland started the 3rd Mauritius Troop at Quatre Bornes. Guy de la Hogue was the Assistant Scoutmaster. The Troop was a closed Roman Catholic one and admitted only boys of the Franco-mauritian community. The three Troops comprised the Mauritius Boy Scouts Association with Captain Brickdale as Chairman.
· Rev. Alan Rogers, Chaplain at St. Paul’s, Vacoas who had some previous Scouting experience started the first Rover Crew and first Troop of the Mauritius Diocesan Boy Scouts Association at Vacoas which was open to all Anglicans regardless of race.
1937 Father Van Kesteren launched the 1st St. Louis Scout Troop at Curepipe and was their chaplain for many years. Maxime Rapoojee and Jean Gellé were the first Scouters. The Saint Louis Groups catered for Roman Catholic boys regardles of race.
1938 The first non-Christian Troop, the 1st Tamil Scout Troop was started at Port Louis by K. Descan and K. Aurmoogum. 
· The Second World War broke out and several Scouts joined the Air Raid Precaution Services, the Army and the Pioneer Corps.
1939 The 1st Muslim Scout Troop was started by Cader Raman, Haroun Nahaboo and Osman Nazroo at Port Louis.
1945 Scouts took part in the big Victory Parade at Champs de Mars on V-J day. They lighted bonfires on the various mountains to celebrate the end of the war.
· Scouts helped the refugees of the 1945 cyclone.
1946 Shantilal DHANJEE started the 1st Hindu Scout Troop at Rose Hill.
1947 A contingent of all "Local Associations" under the leadership of Raymond Margéot attended the 6th. World Jamboree of Peace at Moisson, France.
1954 First National Training Course for Scouters was held at Cap Malheureux and run by Travelling Commisssioner H. Dahl assisted by Haroun Nahaboo. The course was attended by 51 leaders and lasted four days.
1955 All thirteen Saint Louis Groups and the three Groups of the "Mauritius Boy Scouts Association", at the request of Monsignor Jean Margeot, form the Mauritius Roman Catholic Boy Scout Association.
1958 Ian Smith appointed as Island Commissioner.
1961 The Training team composed of Wood Badge Holders trained at Gilwell (England):
Guy Tadebois (Deputy Cam Chief), Yves Candasamy (Assistant Deputy Camp Chief) and Mrs Thérèse Tadebois, Akela Leader.
· The first Scout Job Week instituted.
1962 Nine picked Scouters led by Guy Tadebois attended a training the Team Course in Kenya conducted by the Camp Chief of Gilwell Park - John Thurman.
The 50th Anniversary of the local branch of the (UK) Boy Scout Association was celebrated. The highlights were:- short daily programmes on the radio for over a week; Jubilee Rally at Cham de Mars attended by 2500 Scouts and 450 Girl Guides, the Freedom of the Town of Port Louis was granted to all Scouts of the Association; Exhibition of works and Patrol Projects at St Mary’s College, Rose Hill; Jubillee Camp Fire at Rose-Hill Stadium. 
· The first meeting of the"Scouts de l’Ocean Indien" was held at Madagascar and was attended by a few Commissioners.
A Scout Troop of the 1950's going to Camp
1964 There were 3194 Scouts including 374 Scouters in 85 Groups in Mauritius.
1965 Visit of Olave, Lady Baden Powell, World Chief Guide and Vice President of the World Scout Association
1966 First National Scouters’ Dinner at St Mary’s College, Rose Hill. The Second Wood Badge Course for Cubmasters was held at Rose Hill and the Second Wood Badge Course for Scoutmasters at Le Reduit Grounds. 
· The Gilt Cross was awarded to Scouter Raymond Roussety for saving the life of one of his friends from drowning.
1967 Official handing-over of a plot of land by "Trianon Estates Ltd" at a Rally held at Trianon for the establishment of a headquarters of the local branch to be named the Baden Powell House.
1968 De Burgh Edwards, 73 years old, Founder of the local branch, passed away on 11th June at Curepipe.
· Sir Leonard Williams the new Governor General appointed Chief Scout of the local branch.
· To ensure that Scouting serve the needs of independent Mauritius, the Advance Party No.1 to look into the Structure, Constitution and Advance Party No. 2 to look into Scouting in the Field were appointed under the Chairmanship of Mr. Regis Valadon.
1970 Yves Candasamy is appointed as Chief Commissioner. 
· The 1st All Mauritius Jamboree was organised at Wolmar from 17th to 24th August
1971 The new Constitution adopted on 9th June which made the Mauritian Branch of The Scout Association (UK) become The Mauritius Scout Association at Le Réduit, under the chairmanship of the Local Chief Scout, His Excellency the Governor General. 
· The Governor General was appointed Patron, Mr Ian Smith, Chief Scout, Mr. Regis Valadon, President and Yves Candasamy, Chief Commissioner..
· The Mauritius Scout Association was admitted as full member at the World Conference of the World Scout Association held on 12 August in Tokyo, Japan 
1974 The Second National Jamboree was held at Belle Mare at belle Mare in August. Some 500 local scouts attended. The Scout Association of UK was represented by 30 Scouts from HMS Mauritius.
· Mike Jangeer Khan was appointed as International Commissioner. Scouting launched in Agalega.
1975 Scouts rescued persons from flooded houses and conducted operations in water 4 feet deep during cyclone Gervaise.
· The first Annual General Meeting of the independent Association was held on 24 April. Alain Godard, Training Commissioner, represented Mauritius at the 25th World Scout Conference in Copenhagen from 8 to 15 August. 
1976 The Association was approved by the Ministry of Finance as a charitable institution. The Mauritius Scout Act No. 37 legally incorporated the organisation.
1978 Shantilal Dhanjee was appointed as Chief Scout on 1st April succeeding Ian Smith OBE.
· The 3rd National Jamboree was held at Le Morne from 24 to 31 July with collaboration of the Minister of Youth and Sports
· Mr Ben SHOTADE, Executive Commissioner of the Africa Region of the World Bureau visited Mauritius from 27th to 5th August.
· A National Fancy Fair was organised at Guy Rozement Stadium on the 17th December to raise funds for the Baden Powell House.
1979 The Mauritius Scout Band was launched under the leadership of Percy Appadoo, Bandmaster
· The first Conference of the Africa Zone (Zone E) was held at Antanarivo on the 23rd April. Alain Godard and Amin Osman represented Mauritius. 
1980 His Excellency the Governor General, Sir Drayendranath Burrenchobay KEB, CMG, CVO, Patron of the Association, laid the foundation stone of the Baden Powell House on Saturday 23rd February on the traditional Founder’s Day Rally.
· Mr Philippe Pijeolet, Director of Training at the World Scout Bureau, paid us a visit in April during which he advised the Training Commissioner on the first Assistant Leader Trainer Course which was conducted during his stay at Centre Cathechetique, Montmartre hall.
· An international seminar on Community Development was held for the first time at Pointe Jérome, Mahebourg, under the direction of Aimé Nanette, Community Development Commissioner. 30 scouters from Mauritius, Malagasy and Seychelles participated. The staff consisted of Serge Philogene, Raoul Tusamba and Abdoulaye Sar from the WSB.
1981 The Baden Powell House was opened by the Patron of the Association, His Excellency Sir Da Burrenchobay and the Prime Minister Sir S. Ramgoolam
· The first mauritian batch of Assistant Leader Trainers was appointed: Aime Nanette, Percy Appadoo, Meryem Rose, Cyril Rose, Ben Joseph, Lisette Andon, Allan Honfat, Luce Aheng, Marie Claude Lesourd, Lucrèce Jacquette, Clara Rajiah, Farouk Hossenally, Gisele Savournaden, Robert Bastien
· Yves Candasamy, Chief Commissioner, was elected as a member of the Africa Regional Committee
· Alain Godard, Training Commissioner, is elected Chairman of the Africa Regional Training Committee
1982 The first Leader Trainer Course was run at the Baden-Powell House and conducted by Alain Godard, Training Commissioner. Four Malagasy Scouters participated.
· The 4th National Jamboree was held at Mont Choisy from 9 to 16 August. Some 1500 Scouts participated. Among them were 8 scouts from Rodrigues and seven from Libya. Radio Amamteur Operation was launched with the participation of five Radio Amateurs from the Mauritius Amateur Radio Society. 
· On the 28th August the first meeting of the friends of Baden Powell Scouts was held.
1984 An Assistant Leader Trainer Course attended by 19 commissioners and leaders, took place at the BP House from 6to 11 April under the direction of Serge URANIE, Training Commissioner. Mr Philippe PIJEOLET Director of Training, WSB and Mr Kiraithe NYAGA, Africa Regional Commissioner joined the staff which consisted of Thérèse Tadebois, Alain Godard and Amin Osman.
· The Community Development Section produced for the first time a monthly newspaper called Le Trianon under the responsibility of Jos Nanette. The secretary was Marie Claude Lesourd. This newsletter eventually replaced the Monthly Newsbulletin of the Association.
1987 The first edition of the Policy, Organisation and Rules (P.O.R.) of the Mauritius Scout Association is published. The Association is re-organised.
· Mr Yves Cundasamy resigns as Chief Commissioner. He is replaced by Mr. Mike Jangeerkhan
· The 5th National Jambore was held at Wolmar under the leadership of Cyril Rose. Some 300 scouts participated
1988 A national Youth Forum is organised for the first time from 25 to 27 November under the responsibilty of Jos Nanette, ADC Programme and using the same methods as a World Youth Forum. The elected Chairman of the Steering Committee was Olivier Bourquin from St Antoine Scout Troop. 
· Mike Jangeerkhan represented our Association at the 31st World Scout Conference from 11 to 15 January in Melbourne, Australia.
1989 A seminar on the revision Youth Programme of the Association is held from 13 to 15 January under the leadership of Thérèse Tadebois, National Programme Commissioner. She is assisted by Mr. Abdoulaye Sene, Africa Regional Commissioner for Youth Programme.
1990 Mr Aimé Nanette, National Community Development Commissioner, represents our country at the 32nd World Scout Conference 23 to 27 July 1990 in Paris, France.
1991 The 6th National Jamboree was held was held at Belle Mare from 5 to 12 August. Around 1500 youth participated. Cub Scouts were permitted for the first time to camp in their Group’s Sub -Camp for the week-end.
· The Association held, for the first time, a Jamboree-On-the-Air (JOTA) National Camp at the Baden Powell House on the 19 and 20 October with Jos Nanette acting as Co-ordinator. 117 Scouts participated. Messrs Roddy Prayag and Guy Martin, Radio Amateurs, actively contributed in the overall success of the activity.
1992 100 Scouts and leaders represented Mauritius in the 1er Jamboree de l’Ocean Indien at Réunion Island organsied by Scouts de France.
· The second JOTA Camp was held at Pointe aux Biches from 17 to 18 October. Michael Jean Pierre was the JOTA Organiser. 100 scouts participated.
1993 Ismail BAWAMIA represents Mauritius in the 33rd World Scout Conference in Bangkok , Thailand
· A 100% mauritian Youth Programme Handbook of the Mauritius Scout Association is published for the first time under the responsibility of Ismail Bawamia, Programme Commissioner and with financial assistance from the Africa Regional Office of the World Scout Bureau.
· The Mauritius Scout Council decides to accept in September female youth members in the organisation. Earlier, only adult female members could join as section leaders and specially in the Cub Section.
1994 Mr Aime Nanette is appointed as Chief Commissioner of the Mauritius Scout Association. The Executive Committee of the Association is renewed and new national commissioners appointed.
· The first edition of Le Trianon Magazine is published in the occasion of the Founders Day Rally.
· Three Regional workshops are run on Strategy for Scouting.
1995 The 7th National Jamboree takes place from the 7 to 14 August at Belle Mare. 1800 Scouts participated. For the first time, a FM Radio Station was operated, a daily Jamboree newspaper published, an international exhibitions corner set-up and Global Development Village activities proposed to participants.
· A national workshop is run for the first time on Strategy for Scouting. A 5-Year Development Plan is prepared. The creation of two new national Commissions were recommended: Adult Resources Development and Growth and Planning.
· A patrol of 8 scouts participated in the 18th World Scout Jamboree from 1 to 11 August at Dronten, Netherlands. 7 scouts were members of the same troop, the 1st Lower P/Wilhems Scout Group and managed to raise their own funds to participate. The theme of the Jamboree was Future is Now
1996 An Assistant Leader Trainer Course is run for the first time with 100% mauritian staff. Serge Uranie was the Course Director. 2 participants from Seychelles and one from Rodrigues atended.
· Ismail Bawamia and Jos Nanette represented the Association at the 34th World Scout Conference from 8 to 12 July 1996.
1997 The Silver Jubilee of the Association was celebrated at the Baden Powell House at the Founder’s Day Rally, in the presence of the Patron of the Association and President of the Republic, Mr Cassam UTEEM and many guests and supporters of the Movement.
· The 1st National Cuboree is organised at Mon Choisy under the leadership of Mariette Ha Seng from 30th July to 4th August. 600 Cubs participated.
· The 1st National Leaders Forum is organised under the leadership of Jos Nanette with special support of Mr Kiraithe NYAGA who made a special trip. 83 delegated Leaders participated. The theme was: Scouting for Whom, Scouting for What and the Use of a National Scout Organisation.
1998 The Constitution of the Mauritius Scout Association is amended by the Mauritius Scout Council on 17 January for the first time after 27 years with approval of the World Scout Committee on 15 May.
· Shantilal Dhanjee retires on the 1st April after 20 years as Chief Scout. He is replaced by Mike Jangeer Khan. Percy Appadoo is appointed as Chief Commissioner.
- The team of Commissioners is re-schuffled. New commissioners are appointed.
2007 10th National Jamboree of the MSA at Belle Mare. The same year the world celebrated the centenary of scouting in the world.
Logo of the centenary of scouting in the world
2008 New appointments at the MSA: Cyril Rose - Chief Scout. Giselle Savounaden - Deputy Chief Scout. Danielo Ramsamy - Chief Commissioner. Jaywunt Tannoo - Deputy Chief Commissioner
2011 The Baden House was fully renovated and the MSA Training Centre inaugurated.
2012 The MSA celebrated it's 100 years of existence. The 11th National Jamboree took place at Belle Mare. Various countries participated.
2014 Jaywunt Tannoo was appointed as Chief Commissioner of the MSA
2015 Laying of a commemorative plaque the 'Samuel Blunt de Burgh Edwardes Activity Site' on the 22nd of February at the back yard of Baden Powell House by His Excellency Mr Rajkeswur Purryag, GCSK, GOSK,President of the Republic of Mauritius and Patron of the MSA, Hon Yogida Sawmynaden, Minister of Youth & Sports, Hon Raj Dayal, Minister of Environment, Sustainable Energy, Disaster Management & Beach Authority in the presence of Mr Cyril Rose Chief Scout, and Mr Jaywunt Tanoo Chief Commissioner.
Mr Rajkeswur Purryag GCSK, GOSK,President of the Republic of Mauritius and Patron
of the MSA with Mr Cyril Rose Chief Scout.